• Catie Clobes

Tdap in Labor

After sharing a picture of me in the hospital just after having Evee awhile ago, all the smart eyes out there noticed a bandaid on my right arm, and asked if I had received an injection while I was in the hospital. 🤔 Evee was born early morning of 8/19/18. I didn't remember so I checked mychart, and sure enough, they gave me a Tdap while I was in LABOR. 😳 I don't remember if I gave consent or not. I don't remember the shot.

Evee also received the Hep B & Vitamin K, but right after she was born she needed oxygen, had a low blood sugar, and ran a higher hematocrit. No reason from the doctors as to why. "This just happens sometimes" I remember always being told.

Now why in God's name would I need a Tdap shot while I was in labor with a child? My God, with ALL the restrictions on things you can put into your body while pregnant, but it's totally safe to inject a woman with a shot full of chemicals & toxins, with a long list of scary adverse reactions listed right on the insert, while she is in active labor??

Vaccines have never been tested for safety on pregnant women. Ever.

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