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Updated: Jul 20

I'm Kysen!! 😊 My mommy is an old friend of Evee's mom! I'm a happy, thriving 18-month-old boy now. I had those awful pokes, one when I was born and even more when I was 2 months old! 😩

My great-grandma always told my mommy sǝuΔ±Ι”Ι”ΙΚŒ were bad and mom was already kind of looking into it. πŸ‘€ It wasn't until hearing about this baby, Evee, πŸ’” that mom decided we were completely stopping pokes altogether.

I have had to switch between many different doctors because no one will see me without being vaccinated. What's with that? I can't spread what I don't have. My immune system isn't even developed yet, those pokes don't even work when I'm this young! 🀦 (if they work at all) I'm pretty thankful this "rona" thing hit and my scary appointments have been on hold. πŸ‘

Now I go to a new doctor an 90 minutes away and the place SAYS they wont force me to have vaccines BUT my mom has got her eyes on them! 🀨

Anyways! πŸ€— Me and mom say thank you so much to Evee's mom and especially to pretty baby Evee. Evee, you π™¨π™–π™«π™šπ™™ π™’π™š. πŸ’›πŸ’œπŸ’™


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