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I wanted to fill this necklace so bad but I just can't.

How would you like it if someone took a part of your child's heart and kept it from you? No matter how small that part is, that is my daughter, and I want it. I want all of her so I can lay all of her to rest. Her whole heart was mine. Not yours. 💔

To the doctors who lied to me in the clinic...

To the medical examiner who botched my daughter's autopsy, protected what caused her death and illegally covered it up with a false cause, mocked us, and is holding my child's tissues from me for no good reason...

To the county who is protecting that medical examiner...

To the CDC for creating such an atrocious recommended schedule that is killing and maiming children...

To the media for attempting to get a story out of me telling me "I appreciate your desire to control the narrative" in regards to my own story who went and then twisted my daughter's death into something it isn't...

Look at those ground up bones of my daughter. You all have disrespected a beautiful little 6 1/2 month old and her grieving mother. You all have pissed a grieving mother off to no end.

Revenge isn't in my plans though. My success will be much worse for you. 🙏

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