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Updated: Jul 20, 2020

Hi guys!! My name is Acker and I just turned a year old!! 🥳 I know I know, I'm incredibly adorable, my parents tell me all the time. 😃

So! My mommy started researching those scary shots I've heard about while she was pregnant with me after learning that a few of her friends didn’t vaccinate. By the time I was born, she had decided to skip the newborn Hepatitis B shot (what did I even need that for, I was a newborn!). The pediatrician did pressure mom into getting me the Vitamin K shot though, which she deeply regrets. I forgive her though! 🤷‍♀️

She had also decided to follow the vaccine-friendly plan after reading the book. I did get 2 vaccines at my 2 month check-up and my mom says her gut told her to do more research. She did! 🙌 She decided to hold off on any more shots until she was certain there was NO risk to me. I was the baby that she had prayed for, after all! 🙏

That’s when she came across Evee’s story in July 2019, 4 months after she passed away 36 hours after her vaccines. Mommy says the rest is history because just a bit of research will show that all babies and children, even adults, are at risk! It only takes one of those scary shots to hurt you, or worse. 😟 Mom just needed angel Evee's story though.

She will tell you that Evee Clobes' story.... saved me. ❤️

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